Thursday, 31 March 2011


The work above is a final piece with them all together

"Pentimenti may show that a composition originally had an element, for example a head or a hand, in a slightly different place, or that an element no longer in the final painting was originally planned. The changes may have been done in the underdrawing of the painting, or by the visible layers of paint differing from the underdrawing, or by the first painted treatment of the element having been over-painted."

This project is process based, working around the word 'Pentimento'. All my work in one series of mark making drawings, begin as exactly the same piece of work. I then build layers with paint, charcoal, pen, graphite and tracing paper, using a photocopier to capture each stage at every layer, to then work into once again. I work on them at the same time and in the same order, almost like a factory line up. 

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